What is it about?

By definitions keywords are “a word used as a key to a code” or “any significant word or phrase, esp a word used to describe the contents of a document”.  In SEO, it is the search term, word or phrase used by internet users on a search engine when they want to locate/find something on the net. Soon you’ll find out that Keywords has diverse definitions as you go along with the different application that uses keywords.

Why is it Important to your Site/SEO?

Keywords play a compelling role in your site as well as in your SEO techniques. Without this, your site will not rank significantly or generate the right traffic for it. The role of keywords to your site is to inform people of what is the content of the site that they are commencing to. This will also serve as a vivid definition of what your site is all about. In SEO, Google will also espy your site if internet users plug- in relevant topics to your keywords; In turn, this will generate traffic to your website as a result of the possible recommendation by Google or similar search engine. The first thing you need to remember is that keywords should be the highest thing to prioritize before anything else on your site. This means that your keyword list should contain only relevant moniker to your site and your themes since these two factors are the one easily distinguished by the search engine. Lastly, remember to choose the right keyword as this will compensate in ranking your site.

How to Improve the Value?

Keyword value can be improved by different SEO and link building techniques. The favorable thing you should do in improving the value of your keywords is by understanding the search engine that you want your site to rank. This will abet you a lot by hindering and apprehending what techniques that best suit your keywords, considering that there is a search engine that restrain some link building techniques and intermittently banned your site from using illegal methods.  It is wise to study the desired search engine for your own eminence. Afterward, if you have current back links or longed to create one, you can utilize it by putting links on your keywords as this will enhance your keyword ranking on search engine.  You can constitute back links on the high page rank site as these sites are very visible to Google unlike to low page rank sites. These are also the summation on how to make your keyword value higher, whenever you change your domain name to a more competitive one make sure you have a redirect to the new one. You should also repair broken links as these were atrocious for your site and finally suggest other relevant websites; Google will favor your sites if they found out  that your site is linked to other similar websites which have also link to other sites relevant to your themes and keywords.

Kent Emmanuel Magdugo

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